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In the Colorado Rockies, a researcher and his young protégé track a Sasquatch, uncovering the emotional depth of their adventure and the influence of fatherhood.

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SYNOPSIS: In 1967, the world caught a glimpse of Sasquatch through the lens of a camera as a female named Patty strode across Bluff Creek, California. Now, half a century later, a seasoned researcher and his determined young protégé, portrayed by Joseph Granda and Brandon Swartz, embark on a daring expedition through the rugged expanse of the Colorado Rockies. Their mission: to track down Patty's male offspring. But as they plunge deeper into the untamed wilderness, they unearth not only the truth about Sasquatch but also a revelation that challenges everything they thought they knew about the legendary creature and its mysterious existence.


United by their quest to unravel the enigma of the Legend, Granda and Swartz's characters find their partnership strained by diverging beliefs: one sees Bigfoot as an undiscovered ape, while the other insists it's an interdimensional being linked to UFOs.

As their conflicting theories ignite tension, their expedition takes a perilous turn. Stranded in the wilderness, they must reconcile their differences to survive, forcing them to confront not only the mystery of Sasquatch but also their own complex relationship.


Amidst the rugged terrain, echoes of fatherhood resonate, revealing parallels between their search for Sasquatch and their own personal quests for understanding and connection. Through their harrowing and at times humorous journey, they unearth the hidden layers of the Legend, discovering the profound reasons that drive their relentless pursuit of truth and the fatherly bonds that bind them together.


Meet The Team


Tony Merkel


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Joseph Granda



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Head of Film at Merkel Media


Caleb Moore

Executive Producer

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Senior Vice President & Director of Credit Systems at Carter Bank & Trust and Film Producer


Joe Stauffer
Co- Producer

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Co-Producer, Editor and Composer


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Cast & Crew The Sasqualogist 

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